Thursday, July 10, 2008

~*Craft Show*~

Well as most of you know I had a craft show on Friday, the 4th. It went pretty well...I am really looking forward to our next one. I do them with my dad, I LOVE spending the day with him. :) I didn't get very good pictures, my camera was acting funny. So I apologize in advance on the bad pics. :) Thank you for taking the time out to check em out. Have a GREAT evening!



Colleen said...

Looks good to me, Laura! I'm glad that the show went well. When is your next one?

Have a great weekend!

Kindra said...

Thanks for sharing your craft fair pictures! Having one is so much fun! And glad you did well! Have a great weekend!

primsandtiques said...

Thank you ladies! :) Our next show is September 6th, and I just found out that that is also the day of my cousin's bridal shower. And I am in the I have to be there. But my dad said that he would take my 12 year old and he would do it by himself with him. Cool! Now I will owe him one...hehe! :)