Monday, July 21, 2008

Fall Anyone????

Hello, hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! It was very nice here, humid...but we had a great weekend. :) Well I wanted to show off my new Fall item. I made these using a pattern from Chestnut Junctions. Such a talented gal! I LOVE her patterns. :) But here is my "Mr. & Mrs. Indian" I had so much fun making these. Whatcha think? I am going to get these added to my site here pretty soon. These are being added to my tote for my next craft show. Now I just need to figure out my pricing. Am I the only one out there that has the HARDEST time deciding what to price my homemade items? Ugh....I struggle with every show. :)


Colleen said...

Ahhh... thoughts of fall! I can't wait!

Your newest creations are, as always, adorable.

Have a great week, Laura :)

primsandtiques said...

Thank you Colleen! You are such a sweetie!


Kindra said...

All these signs of fall everywhere...everyone has started except me. I just can't get in the mood when it's so darn HOT outside! I love you indians! Your work is sooooo good!

And I have that problem of pricing too. You want to make a fair price for your customers, but you want to earn a little money too. It's hard to find a balance sometimes.

Raggedy Angel said...

Love the Indians! And I adore Chestnut Juction...great and great prices to! Beth