Saturday, June 20, 2009

Wow, it has been TOO long!

Morning everyone out there in blog land! I have been MIA for quite some time haven't I? I have been so busy here lately. But there is no good excuse for not blogging. I love to blog, and I have still been reading up on all of my favorite blogs, I just have been too lazy to blog myself. :) Sorry! But I do have a couple of things to blog about today. First one, my little Jude is not little anymore, he is 13 today!!!! Well he is still little, hehe, but he is officially a teenager now. I am so sad....where did the time go????? Well he is not going to be very happy with me, but here he is just a few minutes ago, still sleeping! :)

And the next thing to show and tell is Aidan! He has a pretty blue cast on his foot. :) The last day of school he had hurt it on the monkey bars. I took him in for xrays, they said everything was ok but to come back in a week if it was still swollen. Well, it was. So they did more xrays, found a hairline fracture across the top of his foot and then sent us to an orthopedic doctor. Well they told us he would be in a cast for 6 weeks, poor thing....most of his summer vacation! Well yesterday was his 1 week checkup for another xray, and the doctor said he has NEVER seen a bone heal as fast as his has! I have a special boy he said. :) Well I already knew that, right? hehe! Well good news, he can get his cast off in 3 weeks now! He was so excited when he heard that! So we are planning our trip to the water park and the zoo sooner that we thought! But I am so happy, I would hate to see a little guy his age not be able to get in the water all summer!