Sunday, March 15, 2009

A trip to the State Park!

Oh my is it a BEAUTIFUL day here in Bourbonnais! The sun is shining and the weather is perfect. Joe and I decided to take the boys to the State Park to walk some trails. We haven't done this for a few years, and I have missed doing it. The only bad thing is right now the river is up because of all of the rain we had recently had. So we weren't able to take some of the better trails. We will have to plan another trip there again soon. I could spend the entire day there just snapping pictures of my boys! Joe and I even included ourselves in a couple. :) It was just the most perfect day to do this. I am hoping to get there a few more times before Joe has to start mowing, then he isn't home till dark. So we need to do as much together as a family before then. So I would like to add some pictures to share with you. It's ncie, we only live about 10-15 minutes from here.
Here's my crazy boys!
Joe with the boys! My 3 handsome men, hehe!!
Me and the boys! I love this picture. I don't have too many of these. :) I am not one to like my picture being taken. But I have been thinking that I better make some memories with my kids!

And here is Jude, he found himself a walking stick! :)

This picture is one of my favs too, my 3 men looking sitting on a rock looking out into the river.

And here's another of me and the boys.


Linda said...

great pictures! I, too, love the one you took from the back. I love rear pics. There is something candid, spontaneous, unexpected about them. You really captured a moment.
BTW, what river is that?
We live about 2 blocks from the Skunk but about 35 miles from the Misissippi. I was raised about 300 feet from the ole Miss.....