Friday, March 20, 2009

Leslie has got me HOOKED!

Oh boy, Leslie has got me hooked on making stitcheries now. :) They are so addicting...and so much FUN! I have been all over looking for sites with free stitchery patterns. So if anyone out there knows of some good ones, please leave them in my comments! I whipped up these 4 last night and got them stained and framed this morning. Whatcha think?

Thanks for looking! Have a beautiful PRIM day!


Downriver Primitives said...

You stitched all 4 of those in one night? Great job.

I love stitcheries too. I have found some beautiful "free" stitchery patterns at

Colleen said...

Those are so darn cute, Laura! I'm addicted too ... it's so relaxing and fun.

Twigs N Sprigs website has a LOAD of wonderful freebies here:


Leslie said...

Ha, ha! I got you hooked, huh? They are addicting :)

If you go to my blog, over in the right hand column, look for my Labels (It says 'Looking for something in old posts?') Click on that and look for FREE STITCHERY PATTERNS. I shared any of the free sites that I have found and labeled those posts to make them easier to find :) I know I have LOADS of them saved on my computer :)

Happy stitching :)