Saturday, November 22, 2008

My Thanksgiving Indian!

We are all ready for Thanksgiving here in our house! :) Aidan's class had to make either an Indian vest or a Pilgrim collar....most all of the boys picked Indians. :) Joe helped Aidan make his vest and headband, I think they did a really good job! Alot better than I could have done, hehe! But why do kids this age make the craziest faces when you are trying to get a good picture of them? He gets so embarrassed when try taking his picture, what a goofball he is. I just thought I'd share a couple of pics. I hope you all have a GREAT Thanksgiving if I don't get back on here to post!


Kindra said...

What a great little Indian you got there! He looks so cute in his costume!!

Colleen said...

Such a cutie! Happy Thanksgiving!

primlin56 said...

oh laura...i love your little fun....doesnt it just make you want to snatch them up and hold them forever....too bad our little guys cant stay little forever....thanks for sharing...lin