Tuesday, November 11, 2008

House guests!

Hello everyone! First of all...lets here it for our Veterans today! My Grandfather served in the Army and was in WWII, my Father served in the Army and was in Vietnam. And last but not least, my Husband! He served in the Marines and was in Desert Storm! Hooray for them!

Ok...now on to my house guest! my daughter's friend had to move out of where she was living and her mother wouldn't let her bring her 2 cats yet. So the sweet mom I am, hehe, I took them in for a couple of days. My 2 cats are NOT thrilled at all! :) But they are soooo cute. The thing is, we may be having to keep the lillte grey one, her name is Maui. And the bigger one is going for sure, she is torchering my fat cat I already have. :)

This one is Maui...she is such a little sweetheart! She will be really hard for me to let go. :)

And this is Ramona, she will be having to leave for sure. She is always chasing our other cat...and he does NOT like it at all, hehe!