Monday, August 11, 2008


Okay, this sounded like so much fun that I HAD to get involved in this. :) I am jumping on board to participate in a random act of kindness. The way it works is I send a small gift to each of the next three people who make a comment in this post. Then those three people do the same by posting about it in there blogs and sending gifts to the first three posters. It is just a super nice thing to do AND to get to know other great fellow bloggers! So please jump in and post if you are interested....I think it will be so much fun! It's doesn't have to be much , it only needs to fit into an envelope or small box. You don't have to make it although that would be cool if you can. Somebody, anybody? Won't you let me send you a gift? Thank you for participating in advance!



Bobbi Jo said...

Have you had anyone email you about this yet? I would love to join in on this. Let me know. Hugs, Bobbi Jo

primsandtiques said...

Hi Bobbi Jo, I would love to send you a small R.A.K. :) And nope, no one else has even contacted me or post about wanting to join. So if you can please email me your address I can get a little something out to you this week. Thanks! I really appreciate it!
You can email me at:
zenspeek (@) yahoo (.) com
(just take away the paranthasis.