Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Some New Creations!!

Here are the new bananas I made using a pattern from Becky at Mulberry Memories. She has so many awesome patterns.....I think I have most of them, hehe! Whatcha think? Look real enough? :))))

And here is Mr. Owl. I used a pattern I got from Chestnut Junction....another great pattern maker!! He is suppose to have a tag around his neck that says "Hoot" but I was all out of the round tags.
Here are some more fruit. My own red grungy pear design. What do they need? They just seem to look so plain to me, any suggestions???? :))

And my tomatos...ANOTHER Mulberry Memories pattern. These were fun to make...I am still playing around with the color though. But again, these will all be listed on my website within the next couple of days.
I just took some quick pics here....I need to take better ones tomorrow with natural daylight. I just wanted to post incase any of you very talented gals had any tips for me. :)
I also want to THANK Kindra for showing off her items she got from are too sweet girly! :) And if you have NOT checked out her AWESOME blog, please do. She has the sweetes little guys! You can find her link to the right of the page on my blog. 3 guys, a girl and a prim place. And be sure to check out her awesome sweet blocks and signs on her Etsy store!
Have a wonderful evening blogger friends! I am so glad to have met you ALL!


Colleen said...

More cute creations, Laura! My only thought about the pears was maybe a homespun leaf or two... You're so clever :)

Have a good night!

primsandtiques said...

Thanks Colleen, I will try that out tomorrow! :) I knew someone out there would have some advice for me...hehe! THANKS!


Kindra said...

You are so welcome! I just love your creations, I had to show them off! I love the owl and the new prim food! Now the bananas are on my list.:) My 1 year old loves bananas, so I smile when I see them. He's my little monkey. :)